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Antistatic agent for flexible PVC
Antistatic agent for flexible PVC


Specification :
Appearance : light yellowish liquid
pH value : 9±1
Test results for PVC Tape (Surface Resistance) :
0.5 PHR : 2.72*10^10 Ω
1 PHR : 4.25*10^9 Ω

VTC RST-69 is a high-performance chlorine contain liquid antistatic agent for polar polymers, especially flexible PVC. It is a quaternary ammonium salt compound added to equalize and reduce static charges on polymers surfaces. VTC RST-69 has excellent heat stability and does not cause hazing at usual addition of 0.5 to 2PHR. It is giving long-lasting anti-static effects and recommended for use in transparent applications.
High performance flame retardant
High performance flame retardant
Welcome to the forefront of flame retardant technology, where safety and performance converge seamlessly. In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, ensuring fire safety without compromising on product excellence is paramount. Our cutting-edge high performance flame retardants offer an exceptional solution, catering to both halogen and non-halogen preferences, while addressing a diverse array of applications.
Permanent antistatic agent
Permanent antistatic agent


Specification :
Appearance : powder
color : white
water contain : <0.5%
Suggested dosage : 2-10 wt%
Surface resistance : 10^10~10^8 Ω

VTC RST-427 is a permanent powder antistatic agent. When added in an appropriate proportion, it will not be affected by moisture and can give the polymer permanent antistatic properties. It can also maintain its Antistatic properties after a certain degree of friction. No migration on the surface, it is an efficient antistatic agent.
Biodegradable additive
Biodegradable additive


Grades :
BD-100 : oyster shell powder with biodegradable formulaton
BD-75 : 75% BD-100 HDPE masterbatch
Qualified Certificates :
ISO14855 and GB/T 19277.1-2011

VTC BD-75 is mainly in the form of HDPE granule, and refined from oyster seashells. VTC BD-75 contains a large amount of chitin. Through high temperature and special dehydration, chitin is transformed into chitosan. VTC BD-75 is one of important natural microscopic organisms and non-toxic. It possesses good adhesivity, biological compatibility, biodegradability and special absorbability. It features its nanograde biodegradable plastic additive.