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Specification :
Purity : >99.5%
Melting point : 82-86℃
Appearance: golden yellow crystal
Iron ion content : <1ppm
cas no : 486-25-9

9-Fluorenone is an important organic synthesis intermediate that can be used to manufacture a variety of fine chemicals.
Non yellowing nonylphenol(MNP)
Non yellowing nonylphenol(MNP)


Specification :
Purity : 99.5% min
Appearance : trasnparent liquid
APHA Color max : 20

We are offing a high quality nonylphenol specifically intended for use in epoxy decoupage formulations. It contains an inhibitor to maintain color stability of the nonylphenol and to prevent the formation of undesirable color bodies in the decoupage coating. Decoupage MNP can also be used in other nonylphenol applications where color stability is of prime importance.