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Our meticulously crafted coating additives are engineered to elevate the performance and properties of coatings. As a dedicated coating additives manufacturer, we take immense pride in providing top-tier solutions that cater to a wide array of coating applications. You can confidently rely on us to deliver the very best coating additives, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of your coatings, and setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

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We stand as your unwaveringly trusted coating additives manufacturer, deeply committed to delivering excellence in every aspect. Our range of coating additives is thoughtfully formulated to seamlessly adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the industry, offering innovative solutions that transform and optimize coating products. With an unwavering focus on quality and performance, we offer a comprehensive selection of additives that play an instrumental role in ensuring the resounding success of your coating projects.

Custom Solutions and More
In addition to our premium coating additives, we coating additives manufacturer specialize in providing custom OEM and ODM solutions meticulously tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our highly experienced and dedicated team collaborates closely with you, working in synergy to create bespoke coating additive formulations that align perfectly with your precise specifications. From the initial concept to full-scale production, we are your trusted and reliable partner in bringing your cutting-edge coating innovations to life.

Anti-abrasion agent
Anti-abrasion agent


Specification :
Appearance : liquid
Color : clear and transparent
Specific gravity : 0.98 g/cm^3
Boiling point : >65°C
Recommended addition dosage : 0.5-2%

Welcome to the cutting-edge solution that transforms durability expectations across industries – our innovative anti-abrasion agents. In a world where wear and tear can compromise the integrity of materials, our products emerge as the shield that preserves quality and extends the lifespan of plastics and coatings.