Professional Water-based Paint Company
As a leading paint company in Taiwan, we possess dual strengths in design and manufacturing. We are committed to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly water-based paints to meet the needs of various industries. From the design stage to the production process, we consistently uphold outstanding quality and professional service, earning high trust from our customers.

Leading The Way In Water-Based Paints
As a leader in the water-based paint industry, Weigho is dedicated to providing customers with a superior painting experience. We not only offer high-quality water-based paints but also focus on product innovation and environmental protection. Collaborating with us, you will experience excellent product performance and a diverse range of product choices.

Paint simulation, OEM, ODM professional partners
Vital Chemical Co., Ltd is not only a trusted paint company but also a professional partner providing customized solutions. Based on OEM and ODM services, we are committed to meeting customers' specific needs. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner for successful projects, providing not only excellent products but also professional and thoughtful technical guidance, offering more comprehensive and reliable support for your business development.