non yellowing nonylphenol (MNP)
non yellowing nonylphenol (MNP)

Non yellowing nonylphenol(MNP)

Model:HY MNP
Specification :
Purity : 99.5% min
Appearance : trasnparent liquid
APHA Color max : 20

We are offing a high quality nonylphenol specifically intended for use in epoxy decoupage formulations. It contains an inhibitor to maintain color stability of the nonylphenol and to prevent the formation of undesirable color bodies in the decoupage coating. Decoupage MNP can also be used in other nonylphenol applications where color stability is of prime importance.
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Explore Unrivaled Quality with Our Premium Nonylphenol Formulation
Embark on a journey of excellence with VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD.'s exclusive nonylphenol, meticulously crafted for epoxy decoupage formulations. Our dedication shines through in every aspect, offering not only high-performance attributes but also built-in inhibitors. These ensure exceptional color stability and prevent the formation of undesirable color bodies in decoupage coatings. Elevate your coatings to new heights with the unparalleled quality of Decoupage MNP.

Decoupage MNP: Your Trusted Partner for Color Stability
In the world of nonylphenol applications, Decoupage MNP from VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. stands out as a beacon of color stability. Our formulation goes beyond the ordinary, featuring inhibitors that safeguard the pristine color of nonylphenol. Trust Decoupage MNP for reliable performance, ensuring your coatings maintain brilliance over time. Experience the difference that color stability can make with Decoupage MNP.

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At VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD., our commitment extends beyond superior nonylphenol solutions. We take pride in offering tailored excellence to meet your specific needs. Explore our comprehensive range of OEM and ODM solutions, designed to redefine industry standards. Choose VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. as your trusted partner for customized solutions that elevate your products and coatings to unprecedented levels of quality and performance.