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Biodegradable additive

Grades :
BD-100 : oyster shell powder with biodegradable formulaton
BD-75 : 75% BD-100 HDPE masterbatch
Qualified Certificates :
ISO14855 and GB/T 19277.1-2011

VTC BD-75 is mainly in the form of HDPE granule, and refined from oyster seashells. VTC BD-75 contains a large amount of chitin. Through high temperature and special dehydration, chitin is transformed into chitosan. VTC BD-75 is one of important natural microscopic organisms and non-toxic. It possesses good adhesivity, biological compatibility, biodegradability and special absorbability. It features its nanograde biodegradable plastic additive.
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Eco-Friendly Innovation: VITAL's Biodegradable Additive
Discover the future of environmentally conscious coatings with VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD.'s Biodegradable Additive. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to enhance the sustainability of water-based paints and coatings, offering a greener alternative without compromising performance. Dive into a world where innovation meets eco-friendliness, setting new standards for biodegradable additives in the coatings industry.

Revolutionizing Coatings: The Power of Biodegradable Additives
Experience a revolution in coatings with VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD.'s Biodegradable Additive – a powerful force in enhancing environmental sustainability. Our additive transforms water-based paints, making them more eco-friendly without sacrificing functionality. Embrace the future of responsible coatings, where VITAL's innovation meets the demands of both performance and environmental consciousness.

Customized Solutions, Green Excellence
Beyond our Biodegradable Additive, VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is your partner for green excellence. We specialize in tailoring OEM and ODM solutions to align with your unique industry needs. Choose VITAL for groundbreaking biodegradable additives and a personalized experience. Our commitment extends beyond delivering products – we offer a collaborative partnership to elevate your coatings with environmentally friendly solutions. Experience the future of coatings responsibly with us.


VTC BD-75 in a proportion of 20%~60% will change the constituents of all plastic ware. VTC BD-75 is a 100% degradable and non-toxic substance – low carbon and low pollution. It is made from abandoned shells. It is not made from edible starch. No grain will be wasted. VTC BD-75 after degradation can be served as organic fertilizer to balance the pH value of soil. It doesn’t hurt crops or burden environment. It is environmental and recyclable.

Five major characters

1 non-food
2 utilization of waste
3 food-grade accreditation
4 biodegradation
5 far infrared release
1 Various of plastic compoundings