antistatic agent for flexible PVC
antistatic agent for flexible PVC

Antistatic agent for flexible PVC

Model:VTC RST-69
Specification :
Appearance : light yellowish liquid
pH value : 9±1
Test results for PVC Tape (Surface Resistance) :
0.5 PHR : 2.72*10^10 Ω
1 PHR : 4.25*10^9 Ω

VTC RST-69 is a high-performance chlorine contain liquid antistatic agent for polar polymers, especially flexible PVC. It is a quaternary ammonium salt compound added to equalize and reduce static charges on polymers surfaces. VTC RST-69 has excellent heat stability and does not cause hazing at usual addition of 0.5 to 2PHR. It is giving long-lasting anti-static effects and recommended for use in transparent applications.
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Unleash Performance with Our Antistatic Agent Solution
Experience the pinnacle of performance with VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD.'s Antistatic Agent Solution, featuring VTC RST-69. Specially formulated for polar polymers, particularly flexible PVC, this high-performance chlorine-containing liquid antistatic agent is a game-changer. The quaternary ammonium salt compound in VTC RST-69 equalizes and reduces static charges on polymer surfaces, ensuring exceptional heat stability without causing hazing at usual addition levels of 0.5 to 2PHR. Unlock long-lasting antistatic effects, especially recommended for transparent applications.

VTC RST-69: A Revolution in Antistatic Solutions
Introducing VTC RST-69, a revolutionary antistatic agent by VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. This high-performance chlorine-containing liquid is designed for polar polymers, with a special focus on flexible PVC. VTC RST-69, a quaternary ammonium salt compound, takes antistatic solutions to new heights. It not only equalizes and reduces static charges on polymer surfaces but also boasts excellent heat stability. At usual addition levels of 0.5 to 2PHR, VTC RST-69 provides long-lasting antistatic effects, making it the ideal choice for transparent applications.

Customized Excellence with VTC RST-69 Antistatic Agent
Beyond VTC RST-69 Antistatic Agent, VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is your partner for customized excellence. We offer tailored OEM and ODM solutions to meet unique industry needs. Our commitment extends beyond delivering high-performance solutions – we provide a collaborative partnership to elevate your products. Choose VITAL CHEMICAL for groundbreaking antistatic solutions and a personalized experience. Our offerings not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring your applications reach new heights. Experience the future of antistatic solutions with us.

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