permanent antistatic agent
permanent antistatic agent

Permanent antistatic agent

Model:VTC RST-427
Specification :
Appearance : powder
color : white
water contain : <0.5%
Suggested dosage : 2-10 wt%
Surface resistance : 10^10~10^8 Ω

VTC RST-427 is a permanent powder antistatic agent. When added in an appropriate proportion, it will not be affected by moisture and can give the polymer permanent antistatic properties. It can also maintain its Antistatic properties after a certain degree of friction. No migration on the surface, it is an efficient antistatic agent.
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Empower your coatings and paints with VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD.'s Permanent Antistatic Agent – the ultimate force against static. Crafted for lasting impact, this agent provides a permanent shield against static charges, offering unmatched reliability across diverse applications. Dive into the world of VITAL's antistatic marvel, where durability meets innovation, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the coatings industry.

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Recommended Applications
1 Clean room plastic shoes
2 Electrical components in a moisture-free environment
3 Polymer materials that require permanent antistatic properties