water-based peelable paint
water-based peelable paint

Water-based peelable paint

We offer peelable coatings in different specifications, suitable for use on car bodies, construction sites, metal products, and glass processing. The easy-to-remove feature makes it convenient for customers to peel off after use effortlessly.
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Easy removal, versatile temporary protection solution
Our water-based peelable coating is a user-friendly temporary protective paint, characterized by easy peelability and suitable for various surfaces. Whether it's for protection during the manufacturing process or temporary packaging in special applications, our peelable coating provides reliable protection while being easy to remove without damaging the surface.




Automotive industry Water-based peelable paint is commonly used by automotive enthusiasts to protect their cars during transport or painting.
The paint can be applied to a vehicle's exterior, protecting the original paint and bodywork from scratches, dust, and debris during transportation or while working on the car.
Home decoration Water-based peelable paint is an excellent option for home decoration projects, such as creating temporary wall designs or adding a layer of color to a room.
The paint can be easily removed without damaging the walls or leaving residue, making it ideal for renters or those who frequently change their decor.
Product protection Water-based peelable paint is used in the packaging industry to protect products during transit or storage.
It can be applied to fragile items such as glass or ceramics, protecting them from scratches and breakage.
Industrial applications Water-based peelable paint is also used in industrial applications such as metal finishing and as a protective coating for machinery or tools.
It can be easily removed without the need for harsh chemicals or solvents.