washable flame retardant for PET fabric
washable flame retardant for PET fabric

Washable flame retardant for PET fabric

Model:VTC TC-130
Specification :
Appearance : Transparent liquid
Ionicity : Non ionic
Solubility : Easily dispersed in all proportions
Solid contain : 95%
Density : 1.25 g/cm^3

TC-130 is a non-halogen flame retardant; it’s mainly used in dipping process for textile post-treatment. Textiles treated with TC-130 fire retardant will not become sticky or hard, and can maintain the good feel and quality of the fabric.
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Suggested dosage(choose one): 
A. 0.5-0.8 liters of fire retardant liquid in 25 liters of water 
B. 2-5 wt%

General drying conditions: 
80% PAD, drying at 140℃ for 3 minutes

For 100% polyester
Drying conditions: 80% PAD, 170℃ drying for 1-2 minute to achieve washability