transparent silver nanoparticle solution
transparent silver nanoparticle solution

Transparent silver nanoparticle solution

Model:VTC SIL10T
Specification :
Concentration : 10,000 ppm
Solvent : pure water
Average particle size : 5-7 nm
Density : 1.03 g/cm^3
pH value : 3-4

Our Transparent Silver Nanoparticle Solution is a result of meticulous research and development, combining the exceptional properties of silver nanoparticles with a transparent medium. These nanoparticles, renowned for their antimicrobial prowess and excellent electrical conductivity, are seamlessly incorporated into a solution that retains the inherent transparency of your applications.
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Revolutionize Coatings with Our Transparent Silver Nanoparticle Solution
Step into a new era of innovation with VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD.'s Transparent Silver Nanoparticle Solution. Meticulously crafted through advanced research and development, our solution seamlessly blends the exceptional properties of silver nanoparticles with a transparent medium. Renowned for their antimicrobial prowess and excellent electrical conductivity, these nanoparticles elevate the performance of your coatings while preserving the inherent transparency of your applications. Experience a groundbreaking solution that redefines the possibilities of water-based paints and coatings.

Unleashing the Power of Transparent Silver Nanoparticles
At VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD., we unveil a game-changing innovation – our Transparent Silver Nanoparticle Solution. Dive into a world where antimicrobial efficiency meets unparalleled electrical conductivity. Our solution is meticulously designed to enhance the performance of your coatings, providing a revolutionary solution for various applications. Experience the brilliance of transparent silver nanoparticles seamlessly integrated into our cutting-edge solution, setting a new standard in the industry.

Customized Excellence with VITAL CHEMICAL's Nanoparticle Solutions
Beyond our Transparent Silver Nanoparticle Solution, VITAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. takes pride in offering customized excellence. We provide tailored OEM and ODM solutions, ensuring that our innovations align with your unique requirements. Our commitment extends beyond delivering a product – we offer a partnership focused on meeting your specific needs. Choose VITAL CHEMICAL for not only groundbreaking nanoparticle solutions but also a collaborative approach to elevate your coatings to new heights. Experience the future of coatings with us.

Disinfection Applications Our transparent silver nanoparticle solutions have found an ideal home in the disinfection field.
For example, in wipes and sprays, their antibacterial properties help maintain a hygienic environment.
These wipes can be used in a variety of facilities to ensure a clean and safe experience for patients and personnel.
Wipes and Hygiene Wet wipes have become an integral part of modern health care.
Wet wipes added with nanosilver have achieved excellent results in hygiene and antibacterial performance.
The addition of silver nanoparticles not only ensures thorough cleaning but also provides an extra layer of protection against harmful microorganisms. Whether used for patient care, disinfection or personal hygiene, our solution wipes provide peace of mind.