silver and copper nanoparticle solution
silver and copper nanoparticle solution

Silver and copper nanoparticle solution

Agricultural fungicide Silver and Copper Nanoparticle Solutions
Grade name: SCF (silver copper formulation)
Specification :
Appearance : brown liquid
Material : encapsulated nano silver and nano copper
Solvent : pure water
Average particle size : 50-100 nm
Dilution rate : 500 times
Concentration : 500 ppm
Density : 1.03 g/cm^3
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SCF is a colloidal solution of nanoparticles of pure silver and copper. Itis prepared by our uniqueproprietary process which reduces Ag+and Cu+to metallic silver (Ag0) and metallic copper (Cu0). These colloidal nanometer particles of silver and copper are stabilized by using an effective protective polymer.

SCF contains 250 ppm of colloidal nanoparticles of Silver + 250 ppm of colloidal nano particles of Copper. That is 1 liter of ‘KopSil-Agri’ contains minimum 250 mg of nano particles of pure silver and minimum 250 mg of nano particles of pure copper.

SCF is not a compound of silver or copper protein or ionic silver or ionic copper.

SCF is photo stable (Does not degrade on exposure to light).

SCF is a powerful germicidal and sterilizing agent, non-toxic to humans, plants or animals, but lethal to over 650 disease causing germs such as pathogenic amoeba, bacteria, biofilms, fungi, virus, yeasts and moulds, etc. Some new strains of bacteria classified as MDR (Multiple Drug Resistant) like MRSA and MRSE have proved to be resistant to all pharmaceutical antibiotics, but not to colloidal nano silver due to different germicidal mechanisms of deactivation.


Most common plant diseases are usually not caused by a single bacterium or virus, but often multiple pathogens and molds that affect plant health at the same time.
Copper has a better inhibitory effect on mold, and silver is often faster and more effective against bacteria and viruses. Therefore, we developed a nanometer water solution mixed with silver and copper to achieve a better use experience.


Use of SCF in Agriculture and Horticulture

SCF’ mixed in water can be sprayed directly onto plants and shrubs. Its action works on the outside of the plants to effectively destroy bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. It leaves no residue on food plants that have been sprayed with, as do poison sprays, and are safe for human consumption.

Soil sterilization can be done by ‘SCF’ to make the soil free from plant pathogens. Before ploughing, mix ‘SCF’ in water and spray on the soil and then plough it.

SCF’ can be used in horticulture as an ethylene inhibitor. Because it competes to bind to sites on the ethylene receptors of plants. It can be used by florists to maintain flower freshness. Horticulturists also may use ‘SCF’ to treat topical fungal infections on plants.

Soaking seeds in ‘SCF’ before planting, increases germination and reduces mold growth in sprouts. In addition, small amounts of ‘SCF’ diluted with water can be sprayed on soil. The plant may absorb the nano meter sized silver and copper particles and become more resistant to soil-based pathogens. Treating soil around younger plant roots allows them to grow more vigorously.

Adding ‘SCF’ to cut plants allows the plant to live longer and prevents it from falling victim to bacteria, viruses and fungi. Plants placed in water with ‘SCF’ added to it wither less and die less than those placed in normal water which may contain bacteria and pathogens. Spraying a small amount of ‘SCF’ onto the stem and leaf surfaces prevent fungi, viruses and bacteria from colonizing the outer surface. The colloidal silver is absorbed into the plant and as a result, kills any pathogens inside itself.

SCF’ can be used to greatly extend the time before decaying begins on cut flowers. Probably due to the bacteria and other pathogens in water, cut flowers placed in that medium will tend to wither and die much more quickly than cut flowers that are placed in water which has ‘SCF’ added to it. ‘SCF’ not only kills the pathogens in the water but is subsequently absorbed into the flowers and taken to the cellular level where colloidal silver works internally to kill remaining pathogens.

SCF’ does not harm Pollinators such as Honeybees, ladybugs and other beneficial insects whether it’s found in their drinking water or placed upon surfaces they touch, such as leaves and blossoms.

SCF’ helps to make the plants more robust by not only preventing issues before any problems even occur, but also by helping plants in recovering from damage caused by nuisance organisms.