copper nanoparticle solution
copper nanoparticle solution

Copper nanoparticle solution

Model:VTC CU15
Concentration : 150,000 ppm
Solvent : pure water
Average particle size : 4-6 nm
Density : 1.52 g/cm^3
pH value : 3

Copper is one of the trace elements found in the human body. Although the daily demand for trace elements is small, it has a huge impact and is an indispensable element for good health.
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Composition of VTC CU15 Aqueous Solution
The technology of VTC CU15 has been developed for more than 10 years. It can be stably dispersed in the pure water for a long time under the control by the special stabilizers. VTC CU15 is the high-quality nano copper solution with the most stable and effective function, the copper concentration is up to 150,000 ppm.

Mode of Action
VTC CU15 makes copper into nanoscale the specific surface area is increased as the particle size becomes small and then release antibacterial copper ions. The so-called “Copper Ions” has good effect on damaging bacterial cell walls and then combined with DNA to destroy a variety of germs and viruses, including microsporidia and cyanobacteria.

Benefits of Nano Copper on Disease Prevention

After working on bacteria, Nano-copper particles can no longer cause harm to the plants or human body.

Nano-copper can solve the shortcomings of antibiotic that kill only a few bacteria. Its special properties kill up to 650 bacteria and viruses in a short period time.

Your Aquaculture Partner
It would be better to be used in long term, being prevention before the treatment. It will work immediately for sick fish and shrimps.

We can make the fish, shrimps and any organism being in the environment with no bacteria and virus from the beginning by using VTC CU15. The average of the fish and shrimps survival rate will increase by 20%. The fish and shrimp will prevent from the infection by adding the VTC CU15 during the transportation, the survival rate will increase by 50%.

Applicable Viruses: Iridescent virus, Neuroviral, Hemorrhagic Disease, Lake Disease, Leukoplakia, Baculoviruses, Infectious Tissue Necrosis Virus, etc.
Applicable Bacteria: Green Vibrio (Vibrio Parahemolyticus), luminescent Vibrio (Vibrio harveyi), nocardia asteroides,  Bacilli, Enteritis bacteria are applicable

It can perfectly replace the general disinfectant (such as chlorine dioxide) and various antibiotics.

How to Use

Fish Fry Shrimp Breeding:
Add 0.07 g VTC CU15 per ton of water (add 0.07 g VTC CU15 per ton of water, when you change water)

Shrimp Farming General Prevention:
Add 0.05 g VTC CU15 per ton of water ( If there is no water change, add VTC CU15 every two weeks)

Shrimp Farming Incidence Status:
Add 0.07 g VTC CU15 per ton of water ( add VTC CU15 every week)
Add 200 g VTC CU15 per ton of feed, keep feeding in each meal until the epidemic is stable. Then changed back to the general preventive concentration.

Fish and Shrimp Transportation:
Add 0.1 g VTC CU15 per ton of water. Once during every transportation.


Protect Your Livestock

The VTC CU15 is the most effective product that can replace the pesticides at present. The silver has the unique catalytic effect on the metabolism of single-cell pathogens, such as digestion and respiration. It also can cause the pathogens to lose their live, thus to achieve to the purpose of pathogenic bacteria inhibition. And because of the unique antibacterial mechanism of silver, it can also inhibit the drug-resistant bacteria.
Suitable: Pig, Cows, Sheep, Chicken, Ducks, Goose and so on. Those can be treated with symptoms caused by bacteria or viruses, such as sputum, infection, flu, swine fever and more.
You do not need to buy a bunch of drugs, the VTC CU15 is the single specification that can replace all kinds of disinfectants and antibiotics.

Chicken, Ducks, Goose- General Prevention Usage
Mix 33 g VTC CU15 evenly with 1000 kg drinking water.
Feeding the prepared VTC CU15 water to the poultry.
Frequency of use: Feeding once a week.
Can also be added to a separate drinking water supply system, adding 33 g of VTC CU15 per ton of water.
Chicken, Ducks, Goose- Epidemic Situation Usage
Mix 200 g VTC CU15  evenly with 1000 kg drinking water.
Feeding the prepared VTC CU15 water to the livestock(use the feeder).
Frequency of use: Feeding in each meal until the epidemic is stable. Then changed back to the general preventive concentration.
Can also be added to a separate drinking water supply system, adding 200 g of VTC CU15 per ton of water.

Application 1:
Environment disinfection and Water Quality Enhancement
Maintaining optimal water quality is paramount in aquaculture operations.
Our Copper Nanoparticle Water Solution acts as a powerful water treatment agent and environmental disinfectant, effectively targeting and eliminating harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and algae.
By incorporating our solution into aquaculture systems, you can create a healthier and safer aquatic environment, resulting in improved growth rates, increased survival rates, and enhanced overall productivity of fish and shrimp.
Application 2: 
Disease Prevention and Health Management
Aquaculture enterprises often face challenges related to disease outbreaks that can cause significant economic losses.
Our Copper Nanoparticle Water Solution offers an effective means of disease prevention and health management for aquaculture species.
The nanoparticles actively boost the immune responses of fish and shrimp, enhancing their ability to resist common pathogens.
This leads to reduced disease incidence, improved animal welfare, and increased profitability for aquaculture farmers.
Application 3:
Biofilm and vibrio Control
Biofilm formation on aquaculture equipment and surfaces can hinder water flow and create a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.
Our Copper Nanoparticle Water Solution plays a crucial role in biofilm control, minimizing the risk of equipment corrosion and blockages.
By using our solution, you can improve the overall hygiene of aquaculture systems, ensure efficient water circulation, and maintain optimal performance in your operations.
Application 4:
Eco-Friendly Water Treatment
Our Copper Nanoparticle Water Solution provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical treatments in aquaculture.
It is biodegradable and non-toxic when used at recommended levels, making it environmentally sustainable and safe for aquatic life.
By choosing our solution, you can maintain a greener approach to aquaculture, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment while ensuring the health and well-being of your aquaculture species.